My Burning Bush Experience

The Burning Bush Experience

“Everyone has that burning bush experience, that experience when you first meet God”.

Moses had that experience (Exodus 3) when he witnessed the burning bush. In my burning bush experience I felt like I died. My name is Adrianna. I was born and raised in the church. I was also taught to serve God. But serving God would only happen after I got what I had wanted. To put it simply, I had bigger plans for me.

My Burning Bush Experience

I pull up to East Olney and Rising Sun just as the light turns red. But I’m not there long, my light turns green so I pull up to the intersection. I need to make a left turn but I don’t have the-right-a-way so I know I won’t be able to turn till the lights red again. I look at my GPS confirming the left hand turn then I look to see if it’s safe to turn again. Feeling confident enough to turn I began looking and turning ever so carefully so much so that I’m already heading down the street I turned onto. I hear a loud BOOM !!! but I think nothing of but everything’s black except the a white light in front of me. Then it hits me, I’m dead, I’m really dead. Life as I knew it no longer exists. So I ask God if he’s really gonna take me out before I’m a pop star? He never answers so I give him permission to do so. But just as I’m making peace with it my vision returns to me and I’m back at the intersection of Olney Ave and Rising Sun. I see the traffic in front of me and smoke in the car. Both air bags exploded and I’m panicking hard.

The front of my drivers’ side is busted but my eyes look for a damaged car. I didn’t find one as bad as mine, just a white jeep parked on the other side. The man coming towards me seem to have emerged from that ride. He asks me if I’m okay. I hold my bleeding arm and tell him I’m fine. When I ask him the same he tells me his wife and baby were in there before telling me that they’re all fine. Then he says “You know it’s your fault right? I look at the car I was driving and said I didn’t see him, I mentioned his right away but refused to satisfy him. “I felt a vehicle hit me, not the other way around” The guy tells me I’m wrong for making a left cause he’s travelling straight. Some guy walks toward me and asks if I need a tow-truck I tell him I’m going to let my dad make that call. But a tow truck shows up within minutes with a driver that says I need to move our vehicle from the intersection but I refuse to get back in the car. I give him the keys but change my mind before he gets in but he ignores me. He ends up moving the car himself.

The tow-truck guy asked about the accident, then tells the other guy he’ll be his witness. He asks if I have insurance, then breathes a sigh of release right after. I call home but my older sister answers the phone so I tell her about the accident. She tells me that mom and dad are out shopping but to hang up and call them . So I get off the phone with her and start to call dad but dad’s already calling me. I tell him about the accident, he asks if I’m okay and if the car’s drive-able. I mention the smoke and air bags. The man from the jeep asks to speak to him. I hand him the phone and he tells dad his side of the story. But dad must’ve said something that pissed him off cause the guy yells “I tell you your daughters been in an accident and you tell me you’re still at Walmart and you’ll be here right after? I take my phone from him and tell dad I’ll be here waiting when they get here.

I call 911 and ask them to send the police.They ask if I’m hurt. I say yes. I ask for the police and they ask for details. A half hour later, no police and no ambulance but mom and dad showed up. They didn’t yell at me or anything, all I could think of now was how everyone was going to get to work tomorrow. The driver from the white jeep tells dad it’s my fault, then shows him the damage to his ride. Dad just nods and takes his side against mine. The dude says he had the right away and that a crash was going to happen no matter what but that he swerved to minimize it as much as possible. Dad agrees that he had the right away and they all agree to go up to meet at the nearest police station. I get in the red car with mom and dad and they tell me it’s okay.

We’re not in the car five minutes when mom yells at dad to turn into Olney Square. I remind her that I was just in an accident.We arrive at the police station first and give our statement the other guy arrives just as we’re wrapping up. When we get home dad calls the insurance, we make a claim and they set up a rental. Mom drives the red car to work and dad drives a black Camry. I’m still in shock, I feel like I’m dead and terrified of re-dreaming it so I ask them to pray for me. The next day I’m angry! Why was I in a car accident? I don’t know why he saved me cause I wasn’t gonna serve him anyway.

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