“Meet the Cuddler”

Jeremiah 29:11

I Intended to Keep It: “The Cuddler” Had Other Plans for It

I wasn’t immune to the urges but I kept them at bay and when my flesh tortured me I started dating again. But I didn’t just date, I got off too, I even dolled myself up to get the most return on my investment. And they were generous with their affections, I had to remind myself to pay attention to their needs, to make sure my pleasure didn’t torture them. They’d easily get me in the zone but my body was mostly conscious. It knew when to say stop, slow down/wait

I was lost in pleasure a few times (twice to be exact). It just got so hot, so overwhelming, so fast. The first time it happened I was with Meet the Cuddler. We were at his apartment on the couch. I still hadn’t had my first kiss yet cause most guys he started from the neck down. Things were moving fast, I slipped in and out of consciousness, I remember my jeans, the warmth of his member on top of me and cumming. I didn’t even ask God for forgiveness. I should’ve never let my flesh overtake me, now pregnancy was as imminent as it could be.

My co-workers were right, the feeling was amazing, I couldn’t even hate my body for betraying me. But right as I returned from the wave of pleasure The Cuddler started it up again. Content with my loss I still needed a break from it. Words hadn’t returned to me yet, I’d surely ask for a break when it did. But the most miraculous thing happened while I was coming out of it. I felt him unbuttoning my jeans and stopped him. He looked at me questionably, but I was to happy on the inside to share with him.

My jeans are still on!!!  I’m still a virgin!!! but they were kinda wet from something. It was my cum, not his, it was the worst and best day of my life. It was the first time I remember cumming and I’m still a virgin. I asked to stop for a second, he asked if he could make me cum again. He said he knew it’d feel amazing with his tongue inside me. Talking didn’t help, he was intent on getting me off. But the relief of my virginity was enough to prevent it.

Covering my hands with his, he allowed me to button them back but I think he knew we weren’t going pass that. He said he needed to get off and headed to his room in the back. I sensed his frustration as he left me. The air around me got cold fast. I didn’t know how to work the TV. I heard him grunting from the back but  knew we’d be here till his release. I went back and checked on him, he asked if I could help. He was so large I was scared of it, I’ve never seen anything that big. He must’ve seen my reaction, so when he concealed it I walked over and sat across from it.

I tried to reason with him, to convince him to call another girl to finish it. He was already hard, he just needed to come inside of her inside a condom.His eyes grew dark, his glare burned though me. So I got up slowly and walked out. I knew he was angry, but I didn’t understand why, I understood but this here was a hot guy. This guy could have anyone. There had to be a ton of hot girls in his phone. I told him we weren’t having sex from the get-go, cumming was great but it was over.

When he came a while later, I happily bought him the roll of tissue. His anger dissipated into a smile when he realized I brought too much. Realizing my mistake I turn to leave the room before I erupted in laughter but he called me back to hand over the tissue full of cum. I took it hesitantly but my face betrayed me, it started at it like it was the most disgusting thing on earth. He didn’t call me back to get the rest. Thank God cause I was already scrubbing of a later. Ten minutes later he drove me in silence back to my parents place.

I knew it was over, I also knew I  could never be too safe so I trashed my jeans and panties that  night too.

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