Trying to Cum on My Own

This is Part 2 of Meet the Cuddler

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Nothing’s more difficult than doing it yourself

I learned this the hard way trying to cum on my own

The shower was hot enough to relive the memory.  And I had every intention of staying in the shower till I came again. The steam recreated the experience and the memory aided my body . . .

“Meet the Cuddler”

Part 2

Trying to Cum on My Own

Jeremiah 17:9

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This piece is a continuation from Meet the Cuddler
*** previously titled Almost Losing My Virginity ***

*** Formerly Losing My Virginity ***

I took a long shower that night, stayed away from guys longer than that. And I had every intention of staying in the shower till I fulfilled desires and removed un-pleasantries. If I tried hard enough I’d cum again. The shower was hot enough to relive the memory. And I was kinda super-anxious to cum on my own. I didn’t touch myself: I wanted my mind to do the work. I wanted it to recreate the experience without the other person.

The steam recreated the environment and the memory aided my body but just when I thought I was there my brain returned to the present. I was pissed off and didn’t want to try again so I sulked embarrassingly because reality deprived me of it. I tried again a short while later, this time with my back already against the wall. I figured I’d need something to catch me when I reached that point. But the reality of the wall prevented it and I didn’t want to hurt myself from the barriers here.

So I soaped myself up and started scrubbing. His cum never touched me but I wanted the skin cells that shared the same air as his cum lifeless. So I scrubbed until I was sure it was free from it. I wanted to try again in my bed but couldn’t manipulate my mind to reproduce the heat from that environment. So I got under the covers, put a pillow between my legs and thanked God for sparing it.


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2 thoughts on “Trying to Cum on My Own”

  1. A couple of viewers have expressed concerns regarding my inability to get off, I was taught masturbation was a sin. I could hide behind that but that’s not the real reason, the real reason is that I’ve never been comfortable touching myself.

    I couldn’t sit through a masturbation vid, it just seems so abnormal. I’d have a better chance getting off watching two women together than a guy or girl trying to make themselves come.


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