This is Part 2 of Playing with Fire

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Round 1 ended quickly but 2 never came.  3 was an obstacle course, I was failing so I woke my co-workers up to get me to the next . . .

Ephesians 4:25

(Featured Scripture Interpretation)

Casualties Continued

I  woke my co-workers up and asked them to get me to the next round. They told me to end it but I wanted to keep going,  Williams came over and said “Let me look at that”, I hesitantly passed him the phone. Shaking his head he asked how long we been at it. I told him we just started a little while ago. He got down on his knees in front of me told me I’m being handled in a way that’s testing your limits, everyone but me knew I wasn’t ready. He went on to say that it’d already been an hour since my last  text, that it ended with my hesitation.

Dropping my head, I fold my hands in my lap, he covers mine, transferring questions with his touch.

“Are you going to sleep with him”


” Why are . . .”

“He started it “.

“A, you shouldn’t play games like that”

As Williams got up to stand I pulled him back down, I muttered “sorry”, “it’s okay, we all mess around”

Another text came . . .

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