Addicted to Pleasure

I’ve spent some time managing my addiction trying to understand why I’m addicted to porn. It’s not porn itself, it’s the pleasure in the act that drives me to these sites when I’m alone.

I only cared about her pleasure. She had to get off and the video of course had to be long. I’d go to the next video before he got his and continued surfing until I found the another one.

I read a book that detailed the pleasure he experienced, the content itself was phenomenal. He got her off first but when he came and she felt the wave of pleasure he experienced. When she experienced what he experienced she had an another orgasm, this continued until it ended.

I knew nothing of the characters only the sex. I was after all just skimming for it. The book made me want to be a contributor, an enhancer to his experience so I started watching videos that focused on him.

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