Adrianna’s Night Out

Every now and then I like to check outta life.I’ll nap,  Netflix or leave the house. Last year I checked out every holiday everyone came home. I never got forgiven for it.

I usually check out for holiday breakfast but Christmas I checked out for that and dinner. I literally jumped on my skateboard and rode it to the bus stop and caught a movie while they ate together. I didn’t have breakfast that morning. I was going to use the waffle-maker but someone told mom and she kicked me out. She  hates that I don’t eat breakfast with them and I hate all that grease and extra carbs so I Iwent upstairs and checked-outta life.

I finished a Netflix series and planned my next move. When it was time for dinner I arrived all dolled up but snuck out before most of them knew. My sister’s husband tried to stop me with words of course, I was in no mood to enlighten him. Everyone blew my phone up while I was at the movies but I only answered Audrey’s . They wanted to talk about dad’s illness after Christmas dinner, they wanted me there and scheduled it for tomorrow.

I was hella pissed, I already suffered today, now I have to see them all tomorrow.The next day came and went, they were nice to me. We’ll see what happens Memorial May.

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