Ian the Great

“Ian the Great shoveled two cars, the porch, the sidewalk and the steps before I realized he was out there by himself. I was adding content to my diary (the on-line one) when mom told me she was going out there to help him. I rolled my eyes when she left, I knew I should help, I knew she’d eventually ask. So I finished my sentence and ran upstairs to their room to kiss dad and tell him where we’d be at.

When I got outside, he looked happy to see me. He was just starting to do the last car. When I asked him for the shovel he hesitated then gave it then went inside to warm up. The gentleman staying with us appeared a moment later, he asked for my shovel so I gave it to him. I went over to mom’s car to help her scrape the window’s then over to my sister Kylie’s car.

Mom went in shortly after, I was glad that she did. I didn’t like her doing this when we’re here. Then I went over to the third car and asked him if I could help but soon saw it wasn’t much to do there. He and I went in a short while after but everyone in the house sung Ian’s praise. I went back to my diary to type up the story about the man I’ve been indebted who suffered tremendously, unbeknownst to him, kept my porn use under wrap.

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