Adrianna’s Big Mistake

Three weeks after grandpa’s funeral I ran away from home but I wasn’t really running, I was just getting away. While waiting at the bus stop, I noticed a guy on the opposite side. I smiled when we locked eyes, he smiled back. I had no idea he turned around till he parked in front me so when he asked if he could take me where I was going I got in.The drive was silent, he tried to keep me talking but I knew he could tell I was nervous. When we arrived at the theatre I breathed a sign of relief and gave him my number for it. He called me to stay and see Fast and the Furious,  I didn’t want to but I brought a ticket anyway. He arrived at the movies after it started so I came out into the hall to meet him and take him to our seat in the back. After the movie he asked me if I wanted to go home or hang, I didn’t answer so he surprised me.

He parked behind a police station but kept the headlights on unconsciously making me feel safe with him. He leaned my chair back and positioned himself for giver mode. Then he started kissing my neck and undressing me. The heat in here was times ten. I was starring in a movie he co-starred in. Up until now I didn’t think anyone would be better than “Meet the Cuddler”. I was drowning in pleasure, nothing like “Trying to Come on My Own”. He was getting me off and I was loving it. He already ran two traffic lights, the first one was turning me on, I mean who parks behind a police station in the middle of the night just to get a stranger off? I struggled to return to reality as he took me into his mouth. In a desperate attempt I yelled:

“Zeke wait”

“Who the hell is Zeke”?

Humiliated I covered myself while telling him about the Cuddler. His next move was unprepared, I was already looking for my stuff but the shock of pleasure came from him resuming where he left off. Gasping I yelled:

 “What are you doing?”

he looked at me confidently and said:

“It’s okay, you’ll get it right”

He continued what he was doing until I begged him to stop and eventually took me home. When he arrived at my house he asked when he could see me again. I only really need to get off like this once a month. He asked about tomorrow but I had to work, so we hung out a the day after the that. I gave him the name Prince Charming because of his confidence that night, I expected a guy to hate me, but he forgave me right away. I didn’t even tell him I was a virgin and that we weren’t having sex until we hung out the second time. Prince Charming was my favorite, I kinda miss him. I’ll always miss him when I think of that night.

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