Couples Night Part 2 (The Comedy Show)

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I arrived at “The Comedy Show” all dolled up but there was no comfort in being alone. Chicks with a man had brought their A game too and I was the one left holding the bag. One girl stared at me hard, I don’t think she came with a man. But my stomach was flatter than a pancake in this dress. It was skin tight but I pulled it off without even sucking it in.

Getting The Look

I had a plain English Muffin for breakfast. I would’ve preferred Oatmeal with nothing in it but I didn’t want to argue with my mother about using the stove to make what I wanted to make before work.

I had a salad for lunch, none of that fancy stuff. I had a salad “rabbit food” a “big one”. I also had a few small pieces of candy “under 300 calories and two pieces of chicken before ubering a ride there.

The Chick

That chick looked cute but she wasn’t having that. I caught her cold stare a few times during the show. It was warm in there so they had the ceiling fans going but all my goosebumps on my skin were from her.

She was looking at me like she was hungry but she didn’t eat greens. She just frowned her face up at me all evening.

The Show

The show was great, it was completely sold out. I laughed so hard my abs felt the pain. I even laughed after that, knowing I’d feel pain, trying to soothe it better by hold the area that suffered from it.

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