Couples Night Part 4 (Uber Ride Home)

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After the show I ubered back but had to cancel on the first guy that offered me the ride. My phone must’ve picked a location, not the one I was at and I wasn’t about to wait an hour to wait for him to arrive.

The second uber guy came and parked down the street from the place. I saw him arrive but wasn’t sure it was him. I called him and he told me he was right outside so I ran down the street towards him. Conscious of my looks I check his license plate first remembering the promise I made not to hitch-hiking again. Seeing it matched the description of my uber guy I finally jumped in .

The radio was on, it played some hip-hop but ended with Rihanna’s Cake. I felt a unsafe hearing that song with a male driver but we I arrived sound and safe.

Both rides were supposed to be Uber Pool. I was the first and only one during that entire ride. My question to you is “Did they cancel on other people that could’ve shared my ride. I arrived in one piece both times and tipped each driver 50% of the fare. It was a cheap ride but I didn’t mind sharing.

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