Morning Routine

Hiss at my alarm clock,

brush teeth,

kiss dad

hang out with him and Ian till one of them laughs.

Today I walked in on Ian doing physical therapy with him, I knew it wouldn’t take long to make them laugh. So I warmed myself up asking Ian if they were going to do a hundred of those that’s when dad looked at me like I was mad. Then I said “dad which one is harder on you, when you’re getting ready in the morning”?I just knew it’d be mom cause he and Ian are like buddies. But dad replied “Ian” with such a serious face I almost fell off the bed.

I wasn’t done yet I just needed a few more but I’d settle for just one. That’s when I asked if his son Ian was like a slave driver. Dad answered yes again ,this time we all laughed. Ian’s was more forced but mine’s was genuinely honest.

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