Connor’s Cruelty

Texting Connor’s the highlight the highlight of my day but it could be days before he texts me back. I kinda wish today was one of those days cause I don’t think he’ll  text me again.

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It’s the backstory of this piece

I’ve been keeping Connor around to combat loneliness but I had no intention of taking it further than that. I knew I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with him but people had fuck buddies so I figured he’d be okay with that. Connor and I wouldn’t be fuck buddies but we’d do everything couples do like kiss and make-out and hang-out at each other’s parents place. It seemed like a great plan. I’d taken everything into consideration, I’d get my first kiss and another chance to be with him. Connor didn’t like this plan, he flat out told me but I figured it was the least he could do for fucking up our future. Then he had the nerve to ask me to post-mark my virginity to him. I have no intention of giving my virginity to a man with kids by different women.

I never thought I’d hate Connor the way I hate him now but I really, really, REALLY, really hate him. I hear about fuck buddies all the time, can’t he just be my play mate? Why must he deny me everything cause I won’t have sex with him? I bet he really thinks he’s the shit now, now that he’s protecting himself. I had a better chance of getting kissed before I got braces.

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