Destined for Greatness

It’s not about the perks

There’s no other way out

and I’m not about to give up on my dream

It can’t happen soon enough, I know it’s gonna happen. I can feel it, I can breathe it too. I swear I’ll do it all, I’ll even forego affection from companionships and crushes too.

It’s been a while since they got me off, but I’ll go longer, I’ll keep myself busy till I’m dead. I know I’ll be exhausted, it’s a small price to pay but at least my dreams’ll come true.

It needs to happen now, I can’t settle for normal. It won’t be easy, I won’t expect it to be. It’s no longer a desire, it’s become a need, a necessity for me to Be Great!

My imagination isn’t big enough to contain my destiny, it has to become a reality there’s no other way out.

I’ll keep my Porn Tablets charged and guys at arms length while fantasizing about my crushes just in case.

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