just tell me

Previously titled Asking Out Transportation Guy

Kylie and I were catching the train home last week when we saw this super-cute white boy. I told Kylie I was gonna ask him out.

She was like “Really”


We were sitting on the bench waiting for the train when he came over and sat next to us. He was wearing a dark green sweater with a company logo on it.  While I was checking him out he gave me the once over then nodded.

The train came and all of the passengers got on first. I was a little hesitant because I wanted to see what side of the train he’d be working on. I finally took a seat on the train but couldn’t hide my disappointment when I saw him board the opposite. Our side had a black conductor in his mid-forties but my hot guy was on the other side.

I reached in my bag for a pen and asked Kylie for a piece of paper and wrote

“you’re cute”

“would you like to hang out sometime?”

Kylie looked at me like I was crazy but I showed no emotion, the black conductor came around to start checking tickets. Kylie and I already had out tickets out and ready for inspection so when he reached us I asked him to bring the conductor on the other side to me. He nodded to the white boy on the other side and I nodded enthusiastically to let him know I wasn’t kidding.

The hot white guy looked up at me as I watched them talking through the window, I nodded encouragingly and he came over. I could be barely speak, he was so damn cute, I just held up the paper to let him read it.

He read it slowly mouthing each word carefully before he looked up and responded


He asked me for my number, I started to write it down. Touching my hand he said

just tell me

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