your turn

This is Part 2 of just tell me

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All names have been changed to protect the real identities of the characters.

Getting my words together I barely said them audibly but he nodded and went back to his station. A few minutes later my phone vibrated on my hip, it was a text message that said:

“hey, it’s Wyatt”

I looked up just in time to catch him smile but another vibration pulled me into his other texts. It read:

“You’re not mute, why didn’t you talk?

I ignored that one and smiled instead

When our stop came I waved and said goodbye, Kylie just shook her head. After an hour of texting he asked for a pic, but sent his before I sent mine. I can’t say it was a pic, it had a play button, when I clicked it, it showed him stroking his dick.

The caption said:

you like?

where’s my pic?

Doesn’t he know to lure me in slow to make me comfortable first before trying that kind of shit ?

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4 thoughts on “your turn”

  1. “it” as in the conversation would’ve lasted longer, would’ve known him longer cause hot guys get that built in free pass for dumb shit but they only get (1)


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