DeShawn Part 2 “Sprung”

This is Part 2 of Hooking-up with Deshawn

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The Struggle Within

I didn’t want to be with a guy but I wanted to be with him,

Still Anti-Relationship but committed to him.

hair, I shyly turned away to disguise the effect he had on me.

I would’ve done anything that moment, said anything he wanted to hear to reroute his effect on me. When the conversation ended I struggled to say goodnight cause I really didn’t want it to end.

That Weekend

We planned to go out but I kept putting it off cause I was terrified and excited for the kiss. He had no idea it’d be my first and I had no intention of telling him.

We finally set a date: the date was set for this weekend, it was postponed the day of  but I needed to see him. I was already dressed when he called and asked to reschedule but too sprung to disappoint him.

I told him I was going out but wouldn’t see the movie we were going to see and ended up seeing it with my “Yes-Man”. It wasn’t intentional, the alternative movie had already started and none of us had seen the movie DeShawn and I were going to see.

I should’ve told him what I wanted now I’d never be able to face him and I’ve already spent the whole night thinking about him. I called my best friend to put my mind at ease but all he did was remind me of the pain. He said: “I don’t know A, I thought you really liked him, I thought you were gonna see where it went. I really missed him so I did the only thing I could do:

I called DeShawn and ended it

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2 thoughts on “DeShawn Part 2 “Sprung””

  1. My sister asked me why I ended it with DaShawn, I didn’t like wanting a dude to the point it hurt. I didn’t like lying to him by telling him it was okay. I needed to see him but didn’t want to need him. He told me he’d come and see me if I really wanted him to but he’d already gone out of his way to bring me home from work. I lived ten minutes away from my job, I could’ve caught the bus home but he drove twenty minutes past my house to bring me home.

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