Audrey’s home, which means I don’t have to make my own breakfast but her food’s equivalent to starving. This morning she said:

“A whadd’ya want for breakfast”?

“Pancakes if you make it”

I  smiled cause I always feel spoiled when she visits. She calls me downstairs a few minutes later to tell me that breakfast is ready. I get to the table and see three plates on the table and barely any food on any of them. Reading my face she asks me what’s wrong, I hesitate before asking about the rest of the pancakes. She laughs in my face and tells me it’s bikini season and that I’m lucky she put two on my plate.

I’m super-pissed that she’s watching my weight, we’re both genetically thin. I contemplate eating the pancakes on all three plates but she watches me like she knows my plan.

Feeding my hunger before feeding my anger I ignore the voice telling me to eat pancakes on all three plates. Then I lick my plate clean and brace myself to ask Audrey to make a few more.

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