My First Time Beggin’

I never thought I’d be in a position to beg but here I was on the the bus to Willow’s Creek without funds to get there. My boss had a talk with me last week, I’d been late since I started back. Management knew about dad’s illness and Bianca’s condition but he wanted me to do better. I’d already cut my days and asked to come in late but I still struggled to be on time.

I was determined to be on time for work today, I’d only packed fruit for lunch. I got Bianca ready and kissed dad before I left. Then I grabbed my workout bag, my big school bag and lunch bag before skateboarding up to the bus stop.

I made it to Chinnakada Lane in record time and waited for the bus that’d take me half-way to work. When it finally came I boarded the bus and told the driver I’d be back with the funds.

I settled into a seat and dumped my bag but it wasn’t in the work-out bag or the school bag I carry around. There’s only one other bag it could possibly be in and that bag was at home. I checked my big school bag again, but my change purse was in the other bag at home. I ran up to the bus driver and explained my situation, he said I could ride for free but I could’t get a pass. I needed that pass to get to make a connection after this so I could be to work on time.

When I got back to my seat I put my head in my hands and asked God “why he’s forsaken me“. Then I remembered the scripture “You have not cause you ask not” so I got myself together to do just that.

“Excuse everyone, I’m really in a bind, my dad’s been sick and I’ve been late to work. Today will be the first time in a month that I’ll actually be on time if someone can spot me a few dollars to make my connection in a few stops.

I looked at everyone individually, you could hear a pin drop, no one was giving a chick like me all dolled up for work funds to be on time. There were enough fake beggars on the street for no one to trust me so I was shit outta luck this time.

I turned around and sat down before the first tear fell and covered my face in my hands. I was gonna cry right there in front of everyone but I wouldn’t let them see my tears.

I asked God again “why thou’s forsaken me” I pack extra food to give the poor and funds to give away to people every time I’ve been asked. I’ve paid several folks way, I’ve brought lunch for many, I wasn’t keeping track, I was just reminding him but today I’d unfortunately been reduced to a beggar and my make-up made it harder for folks to believe me.

The sound of a gentleman offering change brought me back to present I hadn’t officially started crying yet. My cheeks were puffy and my eyes watery but I was still holding up. “Ma’am I know it’s not enough but it’s a start” I wiped a tear before it fell and smiled at him. I didn’t even get back to my seat before a lady offered me some money and told me that she admired my skateboarding. I still had less than half the funds when I returned to my seat but it was something to bargain with the employee at my next connection.

Some people behind me told me another lady up front was trying to get my attention so I went up there and accepted her funds as well. When I got back to my seat the woman that waited at the same bus stop as me with three kids came over and gave me funds also. I had a little more than enough to pay my entire way to work so I went up to the bus driver, paid the funds and asked for a pass. He was reluctant to give it but finally handed it over and I smiled back at all the folks that smiled at me all the way back to my seat.

I had an idea and called Kylie, she was my last resort, she worked near me but she drove to work. She has to be to work an hour later so I explained the situation and asked if she could drop my other bag off for me.

I told her it was okay if she couldn’t, I’d ask my manger to spot me the funds but she said it wouldn’t be a problem. I arrived at work ten minutes before my shift greeted by my smiling manager.

“A, You’re on Time”

“Hey I need to borrow some funds to get home, I begged for change on the bus cause I forgot my wallet could you . . .

I never finished what I had to say he pulled out more than enough for that and lunch then he smiled at me again, gave me a hug and whispered he was glad I was on time today.

Question: We ask God why bad things happen

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