Scared Shitless (Straight-a-way)

Driving behind mom is just as bad as driving behind dad, both leave me on the straight-a-way there. It’s gotten so bad I pray for traffic jams and bad weather when asked to follow them.

I’d only been driving a year when mom told me to follow dad in the blue car so they could leave the green car to be inspected. Dad took the craziest route there, full of curves and turns but he drove super-fast there. I learned the hard way I’d have to learn on the job and keep up or die right there in the field.

I was angry at him, no cars were on the road and he was flying down the road like a madman. I was more afraid of falling behind than crashing the car so I stepped on the gas and prayed for traffic jams. Those jams never came and we made it there and back but I yelled at him as soon as I got home. “You wanna drive like that, give me the directions and I’ll meet you there but I’m not dying out there to keep up!!!

Today mom asked me to drive dad’s car behind her so she could put her car in the shop, I was scared shit-less, she and dad drive ninety on the straight-a-way. I’m the slowest driver of all of us but I’d have to drive fast to keep up.

Mom took me the same way dad does, a series of curves and turns. I knew I’d panic if I saw how fast I was going. Mom said she’d drive slow but her slow is my fast so I sucked my teeth and put up with it. I didn’t really breathe before pulling into the place to drop it off and I was more than happy to let her drive back home but she told me to stay where I was in the driver seat to go home.

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