Close Call

I almost slipped up and gave Pastor B. my site’s address, I don’t know how I would’ve explained My first hand-job or Fantasy Piece . I know a simple copy and paste would’ve cost me everything with him, he’d know he was in my fantasy and I’d never be able to face him.

It’s been a week since I heard from him, he’s usually the one to reach out but I reach out to him every now and then. This morning I shared  My First Time Beggin. He hasn’t gotten back to me yet but I’m not on edge like I was with Connor.

With Connor I damn near died waiting for him to text back, I’d go crazy just waiting to hear from him. I think he understands that now or at least he did before we stopped texting but I still miss him from time to time.

It’s been more than 24hrs, I’m still waiting to hear from him even though I said he didn’t have to respond. I wanna hear from him even if it’s just his signature greeting I’ll be happy if I could get anything from him.

I’m still a little paranoid about giving him my site’s address but I re-read the email I sent him ten times. There’s no hyper-links in there, my secret’s safe for a little while, it’ll also give me time to prepare an answer for my upcoming fantasy piece “My First Blowjob“.

#Don’t Ever Copy & Paste!!!!!

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