Outside High-Point Theater (Fantasy)

I left High-Point Theatre the way I did every night, completely and utterly alone. The uber guy had just pulled up, his lights were flashing down the street and I was headed towards him. I walked past a guy in a hoodie and jeans and quickened my pace when he tried to get my attention but he spun me around and pinned me against the wall before I passed him.

What the fuck!!!

Calm down . . .

Get Your Hands Off Me!

Letting me go he said “A, let me give you a ride home”

 Then he pulled back his hood and let me see his face


“why’d you come here alone?”

“How’d you know I was . . .”

“My buddy got a job here a week ago”

“So you’ve been following me?”

“No but I know it’s been a while since you got off”

The sound of my phone ringing gets my attention, it’s the uber guy down the street. Rocco answers it and says “hey, she won’t be needing a ride tonight” but I put my hand out for my phone and he gives it to me

“hey, this is Adrianna”

“do you still need a ride”

“yeah,  I’ll be right there”.

I take off down the street with Rocco behind me. I give the uber guy a $20 and apologize before dismissing him. When Rocco gets to me he picks me up and swings me around

“I thought you were leaving me”

“I am leaving you . . . right after you get me off!!!

Sneak Preview

His lips were on mine before my feet touched the ground but it ended before I was completely satisfied:


“Let’s go!!!”

“I’m not getting you off here”

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