Out of Pocket

This is Part 2 of Office Romance

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I tried to talk myself out of it but it was no use, I was bold cause he was leaving tonight. He and his girl had finally made it happen to the point where he was changing jobs. I knew he wasn’t leaving her for me but I wanted him to remember this moment, the moment where I changed his life. What better way to practice on a guy at the thought of rejection when I wouldn’t see him after tonight. Pumping myself up I walked up the steps and handed him the letter in front of my other supervisor.

Smiling I ran inside the moment it left my hands anxious to watch him read it from the other side. He opened it slowly almost as if he was hinting to my supervisor that he wanted to read it alone. My supervisor took the hint and looked the opposite way while he read my letter but the second after he finished it he handed it to him and he also read it.

To read the letter and what happens when I’m finally alone with him click here to read Part 3 (The Finale)

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