Finally Alone with Him

This is Part 3 of Office Romance

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I thought I’d die when he read the letter, they both looked inside the glass to see if I was there. I ducked a second before or got caught and didn’t know it but I threw my stuff in a locker and disappeared. My crush called me into the office to talk about the letter an hour later but I was more hurt by the image of my card shoved into his pants. He thanked me for the letter but he gave me back the forty cause he didn’t feel right taking it. My other supervisor looked at me differently the entire night, but I didn’t care because he was already married. The guy I wanted subtly knew how I felt and that was all that really mattered.

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The Letter

     When she told me you were leaving I started to cry because you were the one I admired most. Then she told me you were happy and the tears finally stopped and for I was happy for you. I want those whom I admire most to be the most happy and I can be happy for you because you’re happy.  I only wish I could take back the time you had to reprimand me and replace them with fonder ones. I didn’t mean to be bad anymore than your need to be firm but it taught me so much more than I was willing to learn.

Thanks for being a great supervisor, I’m really gonna miss you,

 your x-best employee,


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