Alternatives to Sex Series 1 ((A Present for Ian))

Nothing gets me off like giving presents, getting’s fine but giving it’s amazing!!! It puts me on cloud nine at least for the day and it’s hard coming back down.

I gave Ian a present today (you may remember him from Ian the Great). I got the idea when we went shopping the other night. We walked into the store together but separated after that. I was drawn to the flowers near the entrance of the store but he had other things on his mind.

I caught up to him a while later pushing a cart full of food when I heard him mumble something to himself. He said “keep going Ian” so I asked him to repeat it, he was fighting the urge not to buy the box of life. I said:

“Ian, why don’t you get it?”

He shook his head and kept going so I left him alone and walked away. A few days later I found myself in the store buying cereal when I remembered the box of life Ian didn’t get. I looked at the price, “$5 dollars for a small box ” I need food stamps this shit is crazy!!! Then I remembered in the Bible to give the gift that people like so I brought it and made plans to stash it later.

I got up early on cold cereal day and put the box in a container with all the other cereals. Ian got up a half hour later and made a milkshake first. Bianca was upstairs getting dressed and called me to come and tie her sneaks so I ran upstairs to do it and ran back down.

 I saw Ian grabbing a bowl from the cabinet as I was entering the kitchen and willed myself to calm down. He opened the lid and stared at the box of life before taking it out and pouring it.

 Seeing his smile wasn’t enough so I did what I couldn’t do with Connor’s present. I jumped on Marco Polo and shared the video with my fam.

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