Meet Jamal in Alternatives to Sex Series 2 (Other Positions)

For the ultimate experience play Jason Walker’s “Kiss Me Song” in the background



“ok, now put both hands on your right ankle and bend your right knee towards your chest . . . if you’re not feeling a stretch tell me and I’ll stretch you”

I hated this position, it really freakin’ hurt but Jason Walker’s “Kiss Me Song”  on the sound system triggered memories of Connor. I knew why he didn’t kiss me, I just didn’t care. I was already head over heels for him, how much was I supposed to want him for him to kiss me. I wasn’t about to cry but I couldn’t really stop myself so I held the tears in my eyes as long as I could.

I felt the stretch but he came over to me anyway asking with his eyes before using his hands. Already teary-eyed I pleaded with him but he smiled and stretched me anyway.

Watching my reaction he pushed my knee further into my chest then held it there while I adjusted to the pain. I didn’t know which hurt more Connor not kissing me or my hot instructor’s new inflicted pain.

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