“The Body Shop”

I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like I had no idea what I was doing when I dropped dad’s car off at the shop today. I knew exactly what I was doing, I damn near planned it. I dolled myself up and deliberately packed the skateboard to go there.

Playing the “chick card”

I arrived with a head full of curls and a smile only straight teeth can brag about when I unpacked the skateboard from dad’s trunk to complete the job. Every man in sight looked at me and there were only a few there at that time. Three in the open garage area and one already inside the office.

Shamefully, I had no idea where the entrance was but I wasn’t going to walk through the garage area to find out so I pretended sun was in my eyes as I made my way past them.

Halfway around the building I realized I past it and doubled back but I was the only customer there when I arrived.

The guy behind the desk have me a really big smile and I returned it just as shyly as he gave his. That guy never got a chance to introduce himself cause a big white guy from the garage area suddenly appeared.

“Hi, can I help ya?”

“I’m just here to drop a car off

“Okay, what kinda car is it?”

“A Nissan”

“A Nissan. . .”

“a Nissan something, I mumble defeated.

Smiling he logs into the computer while I’m struggling to recuperate but I remember what mom said to say to cut the cost:

“Mom said you guys did a diagnostic the last time our check engine light came on”

Defeated he asked for the phone number so I gave him the one to the house.  Then I ask them for a card to check the status tomorrow. So the guy with the big smile from earlier runs over to the box of cards and hands me one from it. “This guy isn’t here anymore he says but our numbers on it”. Giving him the smile he just earned by volunteering information I turn my attention back to the guy handling the check-in.

“Who should I ask for?”

“Me, Big Jim”

“What time should I call tomorrow”


“One I ask shyly,

“No, twelve”

A hot guy enters the office from the upstairs area and smiles at me, smiling back I give my attention back to the check-in guy.

“Thanks, I’ll give you a call tomorrow around lunch”

As I turn to leave the hot guy calls out to me:

“Do you really ride that thing?”

Flipping my skateboard like it’s the lightest thing, I tell him I just ride it to the bus stop. They all laugh the way I expect them to but I cut them off:

“That’s why I need Daddy’s car back right away”

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