This is Part 2 of “The Body Shop”

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Big Jim was an amazing lover, he called me first thing so I dropped everything I was doing when I heard the Caller ID announce “The Body Shop”:

“Hey, this is Big Jim from The Body Shop”

“I’m Adrianna. I dropped the car off”

“I had a mechanic look at the car and everything looks good,

Did you fix the light?”


“But we recommend spark plugs and a tune-up”.

“How much will that cost?”

“Three-hundred eighty”

“Let me ask my mom”.

I called mom at work and got the receptionist but mom got on the line soon after.

“Hey mom they didn’t fix the light but they’re recommending spark plugs and a tune-up”.

“For how much?”

“Three-hundred eighty”

“They need to fix the tire light or you need to go and pick it up”.

I called “Big Jim” back and gave him the news. He said they’ll look into the tire light for me. A different guy from “The Body Shop” calls a half hour later to tell me the car is ready. When I ask for the price he tells me a hundred twelve. Smiling I thank him and get ready.

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