The Pretty Girl Discount

This is Part 3 of “The Body Shop”

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What’s more important than picking up “daddy’s car” before rush-hour traffic? Sitting in Tiffany’s chair at Keyiana’s School of Cosmetology. And I’ve never been here before but I heard about Wednesdays Ten Dollar Special so I took my ass down there and saved some money.

I arrive at Keyiana’s School of Cosmetology wearing my cute curly wig and edges jelled to look like I got the good stuff. My real hair was so kinky and matted Tiffany had to use a bunch of hair stuff,  it finally loosened up enough to comb it. I know she’s pissed but she doesn’t let me on to it. We end up making each other laugh and my hair turns out great.

 She gives me her card and I tip her twenty and leave super excited to pick up dad’s car from “The Body Shop”.

 I make it to “The Body Shop” right as they’re closing carrying my skateboard just to keep it consistent. Two of the guys recognize me and one is overly friendly, smiling cause I actually made it in before closing.

 “Look who finally made it in” 


“We expected you hours ago”

He says nothing about my hair now super-straight but I know he notices. His co-worker handles the pick-up process but he stays there to assists and at the end it’s half of what I was told earlier.

“Don’t forget to learn those tricks” 

“I will”



I smile again and leave.

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