Out of Pocket ((Pastor B. Series))

This is the Follow-up to Waking Up to Oral Sex Series

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 I arrived before it started but I wasn’t alone, some were sitting in the chairs by the entrance. The light was on in his  office but I couldn’t bring myself to go in  so I chatted with the women by the door.  I hugged all of them and chatted individually with each, smiling at the information they volunteered. I wanted alone time with him before Bible Study started but I didn’t want to leave them to get it.

I heard his voice before I saw him, it came from behind me, his office was in the other direction. I struggled to breathe regularly so I could turn around and greet him but my heart had other plans for me.

He rubbed my back as he passed me, it slowed it down but picked back up. The other women looked both at him and me questionably but I just looked away.This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten special treatment, I’ve gotten it since I met him. The looks we get makes me think he’s unaware.

I just went from “The Silent Treatment” to “The Friend Zone” in less than a week. I can’t handle Public PDA from Pastor B. just yet.

I had to leave Bible Study early but I hung out with him that weekend

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