Foul Play ((Nick G. Series))

It was a few minutes before midnight, I’m smiling while texting Connor when Nick  inboxes me, rolling my eyes I continue where I last left off. So when Connor’s last text came through bidding me goodnight, it was goodnight Connor and what the hell do you want while switching over to Facebook chat.


what’s up?

have you ever fantasized about me inside you?

Seeing it made me mad as hell but only a little bit, Connor asked something like this before him. I fully understood his concern but asking this late is just foul I mean why should I have to see this before bed.

It’s like he’s anxious to be inside of me: not just my pussy but my thoughts for him to ask a shitty thing before bed. I managed to calm myself immediately before texting him truthfully back:

to be continued . . .

Adrianna gets real with him in the very next segment

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