Dick Move Nick

This is Part 2 of Foul Play ((Nick G. Series))

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have you ever fantasized bout me inside you?

Seeing it made me mad as hell but only a little bit, Connor asked something like this before him. It’s just foul to ask this before bed.

It’s like he’s anxious to be inside of me: not just my pussy but my thoughts for him to plant this in my head before bed. I managed to calm myself immediately before texting him truthfully back:


Ok thanks, that’s all I wanted to know.

The night wasn’t over yet cause I still needed to shower before bed and I dreaded the shower more than My First Handjob. For the first time I dreaded the shower cause I’d  have to try not coming on my own which is the complete opposite of Trying to Cum on My Own after my night at “The Cuddler’s”.

I nearly cried on the way to the shower cause that was such a dick move. Why would he ask me that before bed? I thought about it all the way to the shower and realized I wasn’t gonna win cause . . .

to be continued . . .

My thoughts kept returning to him like it was made to happen to the point where I . . .

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