Meeting Nick in the Shower

This is Part 3 of Foul Play ((Nick G. Series))

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My thoughts kept returning to him like it was made to happen to the point where I actually knew I’d fail. I knew thoughts of Nick were waiting for me in the shower so I made the temperature luke warm to keep my thoughts from returning to him. When they returned a second time I combated them with Connor and when that wasn’t enough I started singing hymns.

I soaped up, rinsed off, soaped up again and repeated it but I finally made it out the shower without cumming. With the shower now behind me I got ready for the bed. The hard part would be trying not to cum in my sleep.

 to be continued . . .

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Sneak Preview

I was too tired for porn but my thoughts were wide awake. It felt like my mind had a will of it’s own . . .

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