Hug Day at B’s Church ((Pastor B. Series))

This is Part 2 of Meeting the Fam

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It’s hug day at B’s Church so I hugged everyone but him. He almost cornered me into one but I ducked.

Mack wasn’t there but his seat wasn’t void, another piano player carried the service. I grew up with his style but it’s been a while since I played so I was only able to play a few songs. So when Pastor B. got up and asked everyone to make their neighbor feel welcome I happily got up and hugged the people I already met. I gave fake smiles to the fake ones and genuine ones to the genuine before hugging those I never seen or met.

I hugged one of my teachers from junior high  before turning around to hug someone else. I didn’t get to turn around fully cause that area was suddenly full of people, those people including Pastor B. who was right behind me. I was too shy to hug him so I smiled big and turned right back around but he didn’t let me off that easy cause he returned my smile and patted my back.

I’ve never been so happy to be surrounded by so many random people, I’d have surely melted in his arms if he hugged me.

B finally gets me in Cornered

Sneak Preview

I didn’t even look to see if the coast was clear, I just assumed he’d be at the front by his office so when he called out to me from the aisle I was passing I froze.

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