Dropped for a Big Girl

This is Part 2 of Zack’s Place

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I cried for days, he didn’t even check-up on me. I ended up calling him back but not to yell just to talk. He apologized before parting ways and I never looked back but I think I still need therapy for it. I knew therapy was out of the question and I was too embarrassed to tell my family so I reached out to my friends instead:

A you’re pretty don’t worry ’bout that

but I did worry cause I wanted him. Chelsea waited till they were all finished before schooling me on life but nothing prepared me for what she said:

There’ll always be prettier girls than you

smarter than you

better than you

So it’s best you probably learn it now than later

I was never good at loosing but I hardly ever won but I should’ve won this hands down and it’s not the first time I heard it, mom told me this a while back but it didn’t really hurt till I got dropped for a big girl.

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