Zack’s Place

It was July 4th, I invited myself over but I had to wait for him to get me. He arrived at my parents place but didn’t even bother to park the car. He just jumped out the drivers seat, ran up to me and spun me around before I could even thank him for getting me.  His friend dolefully watched as he greeted me and flinched when he kicked him out of the front passenger’s seat:

“B. what are doing”

(Blaine flinches)

“Get in the back seat”


“No, you’re riding up front with me”

We arrived at his family’s house a short while later. It’s then I realized he didn’t live that far. I’m suddenly shy and too afraid to speak so I tag along behind him and Blaine. Zack didn’t bother introducing me and his family barely acknowledged my existence. We ended up hanging around the front of the house tossing the football until Zack got a call and disappeared.

He must’ve been gone for an hour but he didn’t return alone because there was a big light-skinned chick walking up to the house with him. She was pretty but I was pretty and thin so I naturally felt much prettier than her. We continued to hang near the front of the house until I got conned into getting desert with Blake.

When we returned to the front of the house I realized Zack and the girl had disappeared. The sun was setting and Blaine wouldn’t fess up, he in fact did the exact opposite. He tried to come on to me and when that didn’t work he quickly apologized for it. I didn’t even look at him, I just got up and walked away.

Where are you going?


Wait for Zach, he’ll be right back.

He eventually stopped talking and followed me in silence to the nearest bus stop two blocks away. We were only there a few minutes when a bus arrived at the top of the hill a stop before me. When the bus got to me he tried to pull me in for a kiss as the doors were opening. I pushed him back and ran inside without paying not realizing the driver didn’t bother me for a fare.


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