Wet ((Outside High Point Theatre Part 2))

 This is Part 2 of Outside High Point Theatre ((Fantasy))

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His lips were on mine before my feet touched the ground but it ended before I was completely satisfied:


“Let’s go!!!”

“I’m not getting you off here”


“A, I’m not falling for your tricks”.

I sulked all the way to the car without even bothering to thank him for getting the door. I wanted him now but I’d make him pay for making me wait. He saw my frustration and closed the door before I got in so I just leaned against the door and looked away.

A look at me, 

“I wanna get you off right”

“so kiss m~”

His lips were on mine before I finished begging but he refused to let me feel his hardness against me. So I grabbed the loops of his jeans and pulled him all the way in reveling from the pleasure that his member gave me. To my surprise he kept going, he usually stops me right away but his control must be improving with time. When he finally broke it off he gently reprimanded me:

“Don’t tempt me and expect me to behave”

Seeing him lean in again I raise myself to meet him:

“You bit me”

“That was a warning. Get in the car”

The drive was silent, I kept sucking my bottom lip but he just smiled to himself the entire time. My eyes started to get droopy and I asked him to take me home. So he pulled off to the side of the road and fessed up to me:

“It’s a half hour to your house and a half hour to get there”

“Where are we going?”

“The Waterfront”


I could tell he didn’t want me falling asleep because he kept rubbing my thigh forcing my body to respond when it wanted sleep. I awoke to the cold air from the outside and Rocco’s smile:

“What’re you doing?”

“We’re here”

“You gotta be kidding me”

I’ma make it worth your while”

I let him help me out the car to a standing position and smiled when he wrapped me in a blanket and placed me on the hood of his car:

“Where’s your blanket?”

“I’m already warm”

“Why The Water Front”

“For me to cool down”

He silenced my questions by laying me back and resting his weight on top of me. We made out for like an hour, he stayed hard the entire time. The cool air around us transformed itself into heat and I came few times before undoing his belt:

“Let me do it”


“I’m going for a swim”

The air got cool around me but this is why he brought me here. He wanted to get me off at a place where he was able to cool down. I began hating myself while watching him swim there at The Water Front but I pulled the blanket closer while letting warm thoughts of him make me wet.

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