Welcome To The Sex Talk With My Mother

The “Sex Talk” with my mother happened long before I was ready but after the time the first guy tried to fuck me. So how’d I end up a virgin at 31?

Welcome To The Sex Talk With

My Mother

The sex talk with mom happened two years after the first guy tried to fuck me luckily God’s Guardian Angels warned me. The Guardian Angels he sent were just friends from junior high but they schooled me before I graduated.

“Did your parents have the sex talk?”

“The Sex Talk”

“Listen cause you need to know this before you leave”

She went on to talk about “The Birds and Bee’s” and unplanned pregnancies while I sat there in horror listening. She didn’t tell me to wait until marriage like my parents advised me later she just told me to wait until I’m outta my parents place.

Pregnancy was all it took to keep me a virgin so sex was officially off limits. That and the fact that my mother remained pregnant most of my childhood made me hate kids since my youth. So when mom tried to have “The Sex Talk” Bianca and I told her we already knew but mom still had the talk with us anyway. I did my best to tune her out  partly because she was late and because I was ashamed of asking out the guy who ended up trying to fuck me two summers before.

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