Plans with Brad

It’s official he asked me out. He even called it a date. He picked a day, a time and an activity. That’s a lot coming from him, considering the last time he postponed it but it feels good to have him make it up to me. It’s like having all I ever wanted, wanting all I ever had and he’s here to give me all that I can handle.

So it’s countdown to Monday and maybe even a first kiss and I swear to God I can’t see past our first kiss. It’s like sixteen again only this time he knows everything: he knows that it’s my first, he knows that I want him and that I want to be kissed. It’s all I ever dream about, the way it tortures me when I wake from dreaming but it’s the only thing that’ll put me back to sleep. And although I want him to make at pass at me to confirm that he has every intention of kissing me, I don’t really want him to kiss me.

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