Stood Up

I’ll never get used to being stood up but I wasn’t stood up I was simply blown off. I haven’t been with anyone since Meet the Cuddler and my frustration’s been turning into anger. I curse all the time, doing the right thing’s a chore and my unhappiness isn’t as easily disguised. Last week Aaron complained about me working too much ((he wanted to see Toy Story 3)). So I texted him that I was off this weekend and asked him if he had plans, he simply replied “he’d get back to me.

I’m not used to guys taking their time, if I’m off we’re going out period. I don’t know why but it stung when he didn’t get back. It makes me think he found someone else: I mean I’m happy for him, I just miss hanging out with him. Last month I tried to have fun with him: you know, let him have his way with me as a way of thanking him for being so nice. He just helped me into my jacket and took me home forcing me to forego my monthly treat. If he wanted to blow me off then that would’ve been a good time but to blow me off afterwards and leave me clueless hurts a lot.

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