Getting Even ((DeShawn Series))

This is The Backstory of Later that Night “DeShawn Series”

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I’d just finished dolling myself up  when the call came through to cancel. He said something came up but he could still see me if I wanted.  I wasn’t in the mood to beg or be anyone’s “plan b.” so I told him I understood and rescheduled. Seemingly surprised he asked what I was going to do so I gave him the G-Rated Version:

“You’re still going out?”

“Yeah, I’ma hang with one of my friends”

“Guy or Girl?”

“Does it matter?, I’m already dressed.

I know he wanted to keep me on the phone to get the rest of my plans but the guys that get me off are my business. He tried to hide his anger and I did my best not to feed it but he kept asking me things I did’t want to share.

“So what’re y’all gonna do?”

“I don’t know, whatever he wants to do”

“He wants to do”

“Probably a movie”

Realizing I needed to get off the phone with him I agreed to call him when I got back in then I proceeded with calling my favorite “Yes Man”. Christmas Weekend was at the top of the list because he had the most control. He’d been getting me off for years and  last Christmas made me dependent. The call went straight to voicemail so I called Yes Man number 2 who equalled his good looks and temperament.

“Yes Man Number Two” answered but he couldn’t hang tonight but I wasn’t sold on calling “The Newbie Yes Man Number Three. Yes Man Number Three wouldn’t be getting me off for one of two reasons: he was a church boy and he knew my parents. I called him anyway and changed my outfit to something else still pissed that I wasn’t getting off tonight.

He said he was at a church but could be at my house in ten minutes and true to his word he showed up right on time. I’d already changed my outfit and my parents already knew him from fellowship so I knew my curfew didn’t apply tonight. I’d still be home by midnight but I’d have breaken it for DeShawn and would’ve gladly suffered “The Talk” that would’ve followed.

We ended up seeing the movie DeShawn and I were supposed to see and I kept thinking about him. So I asked myself, could I still ask him to come see me? Deciding against it I told myself to stay strong because Yes Man Two was gonna get me off tomorrow. So I called DeShawn when I got home and apologized for seeing our movie before telling him I never wanted to see him again.

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