His Best Friend

Tess never invites me out to hang with her and her friends but she invited me to Terrance’s 26th Birthday Party.

He came over after we arrived he came over to our table and took pics with all of us. When it was my turn to take a pic he pulled me in close while I struggled to breathe regularly. Blame it on the looks, the charm and his physique but I ended up taking pics with him and his hot friend too. I ignored the part of me that whispered “A that cheating”  cause I was smiling in both pics while DeShawn was waiting to hear from me.

When we finished taking pics  we were escorted to another table; everyone put their stuff down and disappeared to go get drinks. I’d only known DeShawn for a week; we were in “the getting to know you phase” and texting him only made me miss him more. He offered to come get me but I didn’t want to anger Tess and I didn’t think he’d like me showing that much skin.

The “Birthday Boy” came over to find out why I wasn’t social then signaled his best friend to come and take over. His best friend talked me out of texting and introduced me to people in the room. I spent the rest of the night secretly flirting with the guys playing pool. I only  abandoned my post once when his best friend came back over to take a few more pics and watched him defend my honor against Tess’s room-mate..

“She’s flirting with all the guys”

“I know, I was watching her”.

Then he asked her how many guys she flirted with to reduce the heat. She boycotted her plan, flirted with him instead and we all ended up taking pics together. She was flirting with a new guy at the end of the night and he ended up dancing with another girl while I openly flirted with the guy beating me at our pool game.

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