I arrived at Bible Study thirty minutes late using dad’s condition when it was all me. I’d been working on an infographic email for the last four hours and had finally finished it. My mentor was going to love it: I combined information and entertainment, it was how I trained professors to get back to me quickly in college.  Then I decided to try out my new skateboard wheels twenty minutes after seven but had to abandon them because it didn’t come with bearings. So I changed my trick wheels to cruisers and touched up my eyeliner before heading out to Bible Study Class.

I arrived a half-hour late to an intimate group of three other people and no chair for me to sit with them. So I ask to sit on the floor and watch them all make room until Pastor B. interrupts them and offers me his chair:

“Adrianna sit here”

“No, that’s your chair”


I closed my eyes and shook my head. So he asked another woman to sit in his comfy chair and to have everyone else slide over to the next seat. They did so willingly but I couldn’t forgive them. Their glances weren’t friendly when he offered his seat. They continued the topic on Abortion: Pro Choice versus Pro-Life and we all came to the understanding that it’s possible to be both. Pro Choice just means the right to choose and abortion’s have become linked with that over time confusing the most controversial topic of all time. We slowly came to the conclusion that Pro Choice can have everything and nothing to do with Pro Life when learning of an individual’s perception. So one of the seasoned members asked for Pastor B’s position regarding it and I rushed to his rescue before realizing it:

“You can’t ask Pastor B that, he’s our teacher. How can he remain non-partisan by giving up his stance? We’re not privy to God’s thoughts or Pastor B’s plus we don’t want any one persuaded to think differently”.

Pastor B rushed over to me for me to give him a high-five and I almost did before changing my mind. The glares I was receiving from all three women prompted me to change my mind so I pulled my hand back and said I wasn’t on his side. It wasn’t enough for me to win the other three back so I was officially an outcast abandoning B. for a team that didn’t want me. I should’ve known he’d get me back before he’d officially dismissed class and he did when he asked me to pray. I carefully declined but I wasn’t officially off the hook because he seized my hand while asking someone else to pray.

Sneak Preview

I stood there frozen trying to rid my thoughts of any sin but he kept alternating between squeezing and caressing. It’s as if he wanted to transfer intimate thoughts while I was doing my best to rid my thoughts of him but I should’ve known it was no use when . . .

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