Closer ((Pastor B. Series))

This is Part 2 of Back at B’s

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I stood there frozen trying to rid my thoughts of any sin but he kept alternating between squeezing and caressing. It’s as if he wanted to transfer intimate thoughts while I was doing my best to rid my thoughts of him but I should’ve known it was no use when she kept adding to her prayer. All I could think of was Zeke UnCut and the texture of my hands: were they soft enough? Why’s he doing this? Can she hurry up?

I opened one eye to check and see if anyone was watching us and upon realizing they weren’t I snuck a look up at Pastor B’s. face. He was smiling hard and it was making me more uncomfortable so I closed that eye and prayed for her to finish. She finally wrapped it up but he gave one last squeeze before letting go. I then packed my things quickly and skateboarded all the way home.

Sneak Preview

All I could think was “let lips do what hands do”  from Romeo and Juliet  So I combated thoughts of B with thoughts of kissing Connor. It was enough to keep B. at bay but . . .

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