Choosing B. ((Pastor B. Series))

The only thing more important than working out is getting to see B’s smile before bed and I’ve been back and forth about it till I saw him.

This week I was only ten minutes late to choir rehearsal ((fifteen if you count load in and set up time)). It was super-embarrassing being the only female musician and late. B’s bass player arrived around the same time I was parking dad’s new car and I could already hear the choir members inside rehearsing. So I picked up my pace determined to catch the door before it closed but my stuff was so heavy it slowed me down. The door closed right before I reached it so I dropped my amp to the ground in disappointment. Taking a deep breath I try to pull the door open but it’s locked. Luckily someone turns around and opens it as I’m letting go and I’m caught off guard by the warmth of his smile.

The warmth of B’s smile welcomes me into the church as he’s holding the door open with his only free hand. His other hand was carrying the bass players heavy equipment but he he reaches out to relieve me of my amp.

“Let me”

” I got it”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah”, I say though I’m struggling

It’s tight but I manage to enter the church without touching him. He smiles at the effort of my success and I reward him with the same so why am I disappointed we didn’t touch?


Choir rehearsal or gym? I missed rehearsal last week to get my teeth whitened. The result was disappointing because their still not white. Lucklily Uncle Matt’s friend recommended Opalesence Teeth Whitening so I’ll be having pearly whites real soon.

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