B’s Request ((Pastor B. Series))

This is Part 2 of Another Night@B’s

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“I see~

“But it really has nothing to do with that.

B listened while I explained everything and gave the classic response when I finished but it was the add-on that made me jump back:

“Tell your parents I’m praying for them and that I wanna meet them”

Ew . . . No!

“Why’s that”

“They already met you”

He looked dumbfounded and confused but part of me wanted to leave him there but I told him the truth behind them meeting him. He seemed surprised I googled him and the church to show my parents where I’ve been at but I could tell he wasn’t letting me off the hook. I still didn’t want him meeting them because I didn’t want them to fall in love with him. I’m already head over heels for him and trying to worm my way out of it so I don’t need anyone rooting for team B. I haven’t brought a guy home since Connor and mom fell in love with the last church I took her too so I don’t want her willing me to stay.

I did however tell mom and dad B’s exact words. Mom was like:

What for?

“My outburst in class”

Sneak Preview

Class got off to a really great start, it was our third week discussing abortion. We learned that Pro-Choice doesn’t mean Pro-Life and that one could actually be both. I was, however getting fed up with . . .

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