The Outburst in B’s Class

This is Part 3 of Another Night at B’s

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Class got off to a really great start, it was our third week discussing abortion. We learned that Pro-Choice doesn’t mean Pro-Life and that one could actually be both. I was, however getting fed up with people questioning God and his decision regarding life and kinda took it out on Mrs. Greenly when she said this:

I feel it’s better to abort the child if the child is going to suffer, I mean what quality of life could that child possibly have?”

“Who decides the quality of life or determines who should live or die and what right as Christians do we have to judge him?”

B. let me continue my rant but cut me off before I finished to highlight the emotional outburst that had just taken place. Realizing my mistake I apologized right away to him, the other members and Mrs. Greenly. I barely spoke the rest of the class and when I did I did so cautiously for fear of offending anyone and their views. I realized now more than ever how different our journey’s are in Christ, that class is just a combination of levels. We don’t view things the same because we’ve been exposed to them differently so my walk with Christ is gonna be different. I now say help me instead of why’d you do that? or I’m mad in place of I hate you. I also realized why I hate kids and it’s truly phenomenal because it’s not the them I hate, it’s their parents.

Sneak Preview

I wanted to yell at her mom but I was too tired to do that so I . . .

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