Mad as Fuck

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Another Night at B’s

He said “dick” will make me tired, it’ll put me straight to sleep but I found other things do the same.

The ride to my day job was twenty minutes on the bus, then a train, then walking and I’m there. I haven’t had a day off in two weeks and hadn’t “gotten off” in months cause my night job puts me straight to sleep. My regulars stopped calling me cause I was to tired to hang and I was just now starting to miss them. I’d gotten what I wanted but I was still mad cause God delivered in a way I hadn’t expected.

I asked God to give me a night job to tire me out because I kept coming too close to having sex. So it surprised me when I got hired at the first night job I applied too but I didn’t expect to forgo getting off altogether. The regulars had control but I was always scouting for talent, I wasn’t actually looking but I wasn’t turning them down. I needed control and night shift was my way out but I was too tired for my monthly treat.

I got on the bus and paid my fare and headed to an empty seat near the back. I hadn’t been sleep two minutes when a child screamed waking me up from my nap. I looked at the child trying to magically shut it up but all I could offer it was an evil stare. She wanted a lollipop but her mom said no so I had to sit through her temper tantrum. Everyone on the bus was mad, not just me, some actually felt bad for the mother. I didn’t feel bad for her I fucking hated her because I’m tired and her kid’s keeping me up.

I wanted to yell at her mom but I was too tired to do that so I had to hear her child scream so she can practice using the word no. If I could go back in time I’d yell at her:

“Get off the bus or shut the child up”

I shouldn’t have to forfeit my only nap for you to practice being a parent, practice at home or give her the damn lollipop!!!

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