The Hardest Part

The hardest part is admitting I was wrong, that I’m the reason I can’t be in a relationship. This entire time I’ve been blaming the guy convinced he couldn’t be trusted.

I felt like I would die without affection so I created “Almost Sex” to hold me over and it was just enough to get me off. It helped me combat being alone because it compensated for my lack of companionship because my lack of trust prevented relationships. I combated my trust issues by dating different guys never exceeding more than two dates with the same guy. This way I don’t have to trust them and they can’t disappoint me but it’s still hard leaving them for the next guy. I realize now that this has worked against me because I’m ready to be in a relationship. Now that I trust them I realize it’s me that can’t be trusted because I get what I want outside of it.

The last time I was truly happy was X-Mas Weekend at his place, he didn’t know why I came over but I helped him figure it out. He did more than hold me over, he made me dependent on it. I trusted him but my parents sleep better when under their roof.

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Getting what I want

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