Getting what I want (( X-Mas Weekend Series))

Meet X-Mas Weekend

Story About the Guy I Nicknamed X-Mas Weekend

Some call it lucky, I call it a curse.

I know he’ll give me what I want when I want it.

The hardest part is not coming back!!!

I called a guy I used to play around with to come get me, when we arrived he took me straight to his room. He removed his shirt and invited me onto the bed while turning on the TV to watch a show. It was Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns but I didn’t care for it, I only came over for one thing. I needed to get off so I could get back home and sneak in before they noticed me. Ten minutes into the show reality hit me “he didn’t know why I asked to come over”. I’ve used him for so many things he probably thought I wanted to chill so I sat up on the bed and removed my shirt. He was on top of me before it was fully off and positioning himself between my legs while asking how far I was willing to go. Looking away I whispered “anything but sex” but he dropped his head and asked me why I came over.

I rolled my eyes while contemplating the truth, I needed him to fill in the blank. He knew why I came over he just wanted to hear me say it “I needed him to hold me over”. Towering above me he begins kissing my neck, this was the reason I was a slave to my flesh. Wrapping my legs around him I gyrate beneath trying to get there as fast as I can. I wasn’t there yet but I was already wet because my body was slowly giving in. His hands were beneath me, my bra came undone and I grabbed his shoulder to close the distance between us. This made him fully erect but he continued his path as if he was unaware of the bulge below. I arched against him, we rose and fell. I reveled in everything he did because there wasn’t penetration. When his hands started undoing my belt I immediately sat up but he told me to relax, he was just going to go down.

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