Change of Plans *** Getting What I Want Part 2 ***

This is Part 2 of Getting what I want

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I felt his hands undoing my belt and I immediately sat up, he told me to relax, he was just  going down. Grabbing my belt I told him I didn’t want it and he he looked at me like I really lost it. He didn’t really understand and I didn’t really care but I knew it’d feel just as good as everything he’s given me. So I told him I was big on reciprocation and wasn’t going down on him but the real reason is knowing it wouldn’t be easy to walk away after this. Unappeased by my response he avoided me completely and retreated to the other end of the bed. I could feel my girlfriends yelling at me now:

 “Why are you turning down oral sex? Are you crazy? 

“I’m just playing it safe”

“Girl you better take the oral sex and keep it moving.

I ignored their thoughts like everything else that threatened to weaken me and returned my thoughts to the present. He seemed oblivious to me zoning out but I’m back and already missing him, I was ready to go but I didn’t want to leave things like this. So I crawl over to him and wrap my arms around his neck and ask him when we can do this again. He turns around and faces me then lays me back on the bed and starts kissing my midsection unexpectedly. That spot was ticklish but I had a better idea, he tried talking me out of it but finally put it where I wanted.

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